Magical City – From Mishkenot Sha’ananim to the Jewish Quarter

Let us experience the special ambience of Jerusalem, through the alleyways and hidden corridors of the Old City, upon which night casts a magical and magnetic light, from Mishkenot Sha’ananim through the Valley of Gehenna to Mount Zion, the Jewish Quarter, and the Western Wall.

Some stories come to light only when darkness descends. Let’s embark on a fascinating tour of Jerusalem as revealed during the magical twilight hour. We’ll hear stories that date back thousands of years as well as modern urban myths of Jerusalem while we wander through the alleyways and courtyards of the city.


We will embark on a tour that begins in the first neighborhood built beyond the Old City walls, continues up Mount Zion, and concludes with our inserting a note in the stones of the Western Wall.


Among the questions to be addressed: Who cast a spell on the flour mill? Where is Jerusalem’s hell located? What did two Christian masons find in King David’s Tomb? And how is it that a Muslim mosque sits adjacent to the grand synagogue of the Jewish Quarter?


The sites of the tour include Mishkenot Sha’ananim, Mount Zion, the Jewish Quarter, and the Western Wall.

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