“Congregation of Synagogues” – Touring the synagogues of Jerusalem

Tour a few of the hundreds of synagogues scattered throughout Jerusalem, tracking the colors, melodies, and traditions of Jerusalem’s congregations.

The synagogue is not only a house of prayer. It also mirrors the society that prays and studies within its walls. Throughout the generations, synagogues were the center of community life. Nothing surpasses an exploration of synagogue life as a testament of its past, a window onto current everyday life, and a reflection of the social processes that affected its members.


We will tour a few of Jerusalem’s synagogues, which will give us a glimpse of the unique character of the city’s Jewish communities.  


We will hear about the distant communities that congregated in Jerusalem, about great rabbis and simple men and women, about grand and magnificent synagogues and about small and modest synagogues.


Possible tour routes include the neighborhood of Rehavia, Nahlaot and the city center, the Jewish Quarter, and “greater Jerusalem” – synagogues in the new neighborhoods of Jerusalem.


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