The Social Fabric of the Christian Quarter – Tracing Jerusalem’s Christian communities

Ethiopians, Armenians, English, Greeks, Germans, and others … believers have gathered in Jerusalem from the four corners of the earth. We will trace the streams of the Christian communities that carved out their unique stories here.

For generations, Christians the world over have cast their eyes towards Jerusalem. Throughout the years Christian communities from the four corner of the earth have congregated here. Some made Jerusalem their home several generations ago, and some only came to Jerusalem recently.


We will embark on an international Jerusalem tour in the footsteps of Christian communities and discover that, as with Jews, there are many different opinions.


We will learn where the head of a holy man is buried, why a ladder leans against a window of the world’s holiest church, and where an Ethiopian village can be found in the heart of Jerusalem.


The sites of the tour include the Armenian Church of St. James, the Church of the Messiah, the Latin Patriarchate, San Salvador Church, the Church of the Redeemer, and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.



The tour includes entry into churches. Modest attire is required. No tours on Sundays.


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