La Kusina de los Sephardim – Tracing the culture and culinary tradition of Ladino speakers

A culinary tour from Toledo to Jerusalem, tracing the culinary traditions of Ladino-speaking Jews

What dish can be made from squash peels? Who eats “rags”? What food must be given to birthing mothers? What is the mandatory age of marriage? And who makes the best potato pancakes in the city?


Food is an inseparable part of everyday life. It is part of the cycle of the year and the cycle of life. It opens a window onto community life, history, tradition, and culture.


This culinary tour will take us in the footsteps of Jerusalem’s Ladino-speaking Jews. We will learn about a long and grand history, alongside a simple everyday life, and of course we will taste the treats of the Sephardic Jewish kitchen.

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