“Tastes and Memories” – Culinary tour of Nahlaot

Join us for a worldwide culinary tour of foods, culture, and identity in the neighborhood of Nahlaot.

The alleyways of Nahlaot abound with mementos of human history and the stories of simple everyday people, of Jews who dreamt of and eventually reached Jerusalem. This tour will acquaint us with the Jewish kitchen of the communities that made their home in Nahlaot, and the kitchen will serve as a window onto the population here.


Among the questions that we will address: How many eggplant dishes should a good woman know to prepare? What is the difference between kibbeh hamusta and kibbeh nablusia? What food is a metaphor for manna? What happens when a pot of Sephardic hamin (cholent) accidentally ends up in an Ashkenazi home? And is there such a thing as an Israeli kitchen?

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