“Market-Bound” – Tour of Mahane Yehuda Market

Join us for a festive and colorful tour among the fruit and vegetable stands of the greatest market in the land – Mahane Yehuda.

Who hasn’t heard of “Mahneyuda” – the colorful market rich in aromas, colors, and flavors in the heart of Jerusalem? We will trace the tracks of the market’s folklore and legends, amidst the fruit and vegetable stands and the shops, discovering hidden treasures of Jerusalem.


Alongside stands selling fresh produce, we will find designer shops, quality espresso, and mythical restaurants that still cook over the flame of a kerosene burner.


We will hear about the legendary Rachmo restaurant, about Persian store merchants who started the first Jerusalem strike, and about the "holes in the wall" of the Holy City. We will taste gourmet cheeses, imbibe a medicinal citrus drink, and much, much more.



The tour includes sample tastings that require payment.

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