“There Is Hope for Thy Future” – Tour of the Old City in the spirit of Tisha Be’Av

On the occasion of Tisha Be’Av, the day marking the destruction of Jerusalem, we will tour in the footsteps of those who sought to rebuild Jerusalem, who wrote a chapter of Jerusalem’s history and contributed to revival of the city.

Tisha Be’Av is the day on which we mourn the destruction of Jerusalem, but it is also a time for repair and renewal. On the occasion of the destruction of the Temple, we will embark on a tour of Jerusalem’s streets in the footsteps of those who worked to revive and rebuild the city.


Alongside King David, we will encounter Moses Montefiore, Rabbi Yohanan Ben Zakai, Rabbi Shalom Sharabi, Rabbi Yehuda Hahasid, Nissan Beck, and Zalman Zoref.


The sites of the tour include Mount Zion, the Sephardic synagogues, Hurva Synagogue, the Menorah, and the Western Wall.


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