Pilgrimage to Jerusalem – Tour the Jewish Quarter in the footsteps of pilgrims

During Shavu’ot, one of the three annual occasions of Jewish pilgrimage, we will embark on a festive tour in the footsteps of those who dreamt of and yearned for Jerusalem over the generations.

Throughout time, Jews from all corners of the world have cast their eyes in the direction of Jerusalem and dreamt of this city. A few were able to make the journey to this city of their dreams, making their home within the walls of the Jewish Quarter.


We will set forth on a fascinating tour of the Jewish Quarter, among archeological ruins and new 20th century structures, tracing the chronicles of the Jewish community across the generations. We will hear about sanctified rituals alongside everyday life, about the homes of the rich and the homes of the poor, about great rabbis and simple men and women, and we will glimpse some of the magic of the world’s holiest city, Jerusalem.


During the tour we will address the following questions: Where is King David really buried? Who did Rabbi Moshe Ben Nachman (Nachmanides) meet upon arriving in Jerusalem? Why is there a mosque located next to a synagogue? Where can one find the ruins of an idol-worshipping city in the heart of the Jewish city? And why do people put notes in the Western Wall?


The sites of the tour include King David’s Tomb, the Cardo, Batei Mahse Square, the Broad Wall of the Old City, and the Western Wall.


Entrance fees are required for the Ariel Center for Jerusalem in the First Temple Period, the Hurva Synagogue, the Burnt House, and the Herodian Quarter.
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