“Six Days in June” – Tracing the tracks of the Six Day War in Jerusalem

We will track the stories of heroism from the battles of the Six Day War, which ended with the unification of Jerusalem under Israeli rule.

Following long weeks of waiting and a strong sense of pending catastrophe, the Six Day War erupted. In only six days the young state of Israel succeeded in tripling its territory after defeating three neighboring Arab armies.


After 19 years during which Jerusalem had been divided, the city’s residents could finally return to the holy sites for which they had so yearned.


The war took a high toll, however, and victory required hard-fought battles.


While visiting the landmarks of the Six Day War, we will hear stories of the bravery of the young fighters and recall the joy of victory when the fighting ended.


Possible tour routes include Artillery Hill (Givat Hatachmoshet), Mount Scopus, and the slopes of Mount Olive.


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