“On the Seam” – Tour along the separation wall

Take a tour along the separation wall on the outskirts of Jerusalem, tracing the social and policy dilemmas of life in the city in light of the construction of a separation wall.

In 2002, following a particularly bloody wave of terrorist attacks, a security wall began gradually to be built in order to prevent illegal entry of Palestinians, including terrorists and terror cells, and bar them from reaching Jewish population centers.


Construction of the wall began in Jerusalem, in the heart of the city’s complex reality, creating problems for the people living in the city and raising many social and political issues.


We will tour along the route of the wall and try to understand its advantages and disadvantages, as well as its implications: Does Jerusalem’s future include a separation wall on its outskirts?


The sites of the tour include a scenic view of the neighborhood of Gilo, Checkpoint 300, Rachel’s Tomb, and a scenic view from Mount Scopus.


The tour includes transportation by vehicle.



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