“Visionary Visit to the City of the Vision” – Tracing the tracks of Herzl in Jerusalem

With the help of Herzl’s diary and descriptions of the period, we will embark on a tour that traces the tracks of the state’s visionary when he visited Jerusalem.

Theodor Herzl is identified with the Zionist vision, but we know very little about his life story, his personality and character, and especially about the circumstances of his only visit to Jerusalem.


Herzl’s visit to Jerusalem was a sort of “blind date.” He had heard about the city, dreamt about it, and seen it in his visions. But there is nothing like reality to put things in perspective. Herzl’s perspective of the real Jerusalem strongly influenced his Zionist perspective.


We will embark on a journey of Jerusalem as recorded in the journal of the state’s visionary. We will try to understand how his visit affected his Zionist perspective and what he managed to achieve during his visit to the city.


Optional sites of the tour include the Railway Station, Jaffa Gate, the Stern House, the Jewish Quarter, the Western Wall, Prophets’ Street, and Kiryat Haleum.


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