“There Was a Righteous Man” – In the footsteps of Rabbi Aryeh Levin in Jerusalem

We will trace the tracks of Rabbi Aryeh Levin and his activities. Many stories have been told about the righteous man from Jerusalem, who was full of devotion and love for Israel and who sacrificed all his time and energy to better the lot of others and to support the oppressed and the wretched, to strengthen feeble hands and lend an ear to the miserable.

Although Rabbi Aryeh was a learned man of Torah and served as a supervisor at the Etz Haim Yeshiva, his reputation was as a righteous man and doer of good deeds. Many knew him as the “Father of Prisoners” because during the British Mandate era he regularly visited prisoners on Saturday, to give them letters and raise their spirits. Many of these prisoners were Underground fighters who had struggled to establish the State of Israel.


We will embark on a tour through Jerusalem’s alleyways, tracking the activities and life story of Rabbi Aryeh.


We will hear about the Underground prisoners, the excommunicated who received mercy, a fateful and traditional ceremony, and primarily we will learn about a simple and modest man who knew how to look into the hearts of human beings.


The sites of the tour include the Museum of Underground Prisoners, Etz Haim Yeshiva, Zoharei Hama Synagogue, and the home of Rabbi Aryeh Levin in the neighborhood of Mishkenot Israel.

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