Following in the Footsteps of Begin Through Jerusalem

Tour the Jerusalem landmarks of Menahem Begin’s activities from the stormy pre-state period until his death and burial in Mount Olive.
צלם:יעקב סער, לשכת העיתונות הממשלתית
צלם:יעקב סער, לשכת העיתונות הממשלתית

Menahem Begin was born in Poland at the beginning of the 20th century. His passionate involvement in Zionism began while still in Europe, where he was a leader of the Beitar youth movement. Upon immigrating here he joined the Irgun (Etzel – the National Military Organization in the Land of Israel) and was its commander for four years. Under his leadership the Irgun carried out close to three hundred operations.


When the Irgun was dismantled, Begin founded the Herut movement and was its undisputed leader for many years. In 1977 a “revolution” occurred when, after having been part of the opposition for years, Begin was elected prime minister. It was under his leadership that Israel signed a peace treaty with Egypt.


We will embark on a tour that traces the tracks of Begin’s life and activities. We will try to understand the character of the man and the historic events of his life, which are inextricably linked with the history of the State of Israel.


The sites of the tour include the Begin Heritage Center, the King David Hotel, the Museum of Underground Prisoners, the old Knesset, and Mount Olive.

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