“The Hill That Heralds” – The oracles and model men of Mount Olive

Tour around Mount Olive, a symbol of holiness that heralds the end of days, in the footsteps of the figureheads who dreamed, yearned for, and journeyed to Jerusalem.

Gazing eastwards from the Old City, we see Mount Olive, with its many churches and gravesites. Throughout history Jews worldwide have sought to bury their beloved here and await the arrival of the messiah. The cemetery here is known as “the home of eternal life” for a reason: no place is better suited to tell the stories of those buried therein. In Mount Olive the simple citizens are buried alongside rabbis, leaders, intellectuals and men and women of action, all of whom took part in the history of Jerusalem.


We will trace the tracks of model figureheads, rabbis and leaders, who were buried in Mount Olive. We will learn about the revival of the Hebrew language, the father of religious Zionism, the first Israeli Nobel laureate, the prime minister who sought to be buried as one of the many, and much, much more.


Optional sites of the tour include Rehavam Overlook, the Jewish Quarter in 1948, the tomb of Harav Kook, the tomb of Eliezer Ben Yehuda, the tomb of Menahem Begin, Yad Avshalom, and more.

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