“Doctor Alongside Doctor” – Touring the neighborhood of Rehavia

Tour a neighborhood of gardens immersed in greenery, amidst shady boulevards and streets, seeking out the stories of Rehavia’s residents, whose histories form part of the history of the young state of Israel.

The garden neighborhood of Rehavia was established during the British Mandate era and has been attracting the best of Jerusalem’s best ever since. We will stroll among the shady streets of the neighborhood and hear some of its stories, which form part of the Zionist history of Jerusalem and the state of Israel in its early days. We will discover the multi-faceted and fascinating human mosaic that emerged in this neighborhood: German Jews and public figures alongside penniless laborers.


We will learn about passionate pioneers, genuine German Jewish cafes, an exiled African king, architects, professors, judges, and even a president who lived in a shack.


The sites of the tour include the National Institutions House, Rosh Rehavia, the Hebrew Gymnasium, and the residential shack of President Yitzhak Ben Zvi
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