“Dreamers and Builders” – Following the founders of the first neighborhoods beyond the Old City walls

Trace the tracks of a dream that became a reality: Jerusalem beyond the Old City walls.

We will follow the footsteps of the early pioneers who sought to expand Jerusalem’s borders and escape the crowded alleyways of the Old City. We will tour the first homes in the first neighborhoods founded beyond the Old City walls.


We will stroll among ancient stone houses, through courtyards and alleyways, tracing the tracks of the pioneers who dreamed and paved the path to the new Jerusalem, the largest city in the country….


We will hear about the dangers that the neighborhoods’ residents faced: some real, some imaginary…. We will learn about a “cursed” flour mill, the nobleman’s chariot, housing for Jerusalem’s poor and housing for those seeking a higher living standard, the seven brave ones, and one resourceful rabbi who led his community beyond the city walls – to a life of comfort.


The sites of the tour include the neighborhoods of Mishkenot Sha’ananim, Yemin Moshe, Mahane Israel, and Nahalat Shiv’a.

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