Volume VII

English Section

Editorial Statement

A Unique and Early Use of Micrographic Carpet Page Format in JTS MS ENA 2630.1
Jay Rovner

Hebrew Section

Individual Mourning and National Solace in Early Liturgical Poetry
Shulamit Elizur

The Community as an Economic Body The Property of the Cairo Musta’arib Community in Light of Genizah Documents
Dotan Arad

Comments in the Margins of the Catalogue of the Geneva Genizah Collection
Robert Brody

Between Talmud and Abridgement: A Genizah Scroll of BT Betzah
Alexander Y. Tal

Pages from the Halakhic Notebook of a Thirteenth Century Pilgrim
Simcha Emmanuel

A Section of an Arab Composition on the Life of the Prophet Muhammad Rendered in Hebrew Letters
Shammai Fishman

Automatic Computerized Identification of Handwriting and Matching of Genizah Fragments
Aharon Shweka, Yaacov Choeka, Lior Wolf, and Nachum Dershowitz

Formal Requirements of Conditional Stipulations in Divorce Documents
Y. Zvi Stampfer

The Vicissitudes of a Genizah Fragment
Haggai Ben-Shammai

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