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The President's Residence

The President's Residence: YBZ is situated in a historical landmark, created in Israel's early years.
In 1952, when Izhak Ben-Zvi was elected as Israel's second president, there was no official site to house the president and all
its functions. Izhak Ben-Zvi and his wife, Rachel Yanait,chose to locate the president's house in Rehavia, their residential neighborhood since the 1920s. They shaped the character of the Israeli presidency for the years to come. Izhak Ben-Zvi served as president in this location from 1952 to 1963, and Zalman Shazar served here until 1972. In 1972 a new president's house was builta nd Yad Ben-Zvi was given the old location. This spot witnessed every new government that was sworn in, important foreign visitors paying tribute, ambassadors presenting their credentials, and visits of ordinary Israelis.
The Ben-Zvi's were known for their modest lifestyle. They believed that the president’s home should reflect the austerity of the times and chose to host their guests in a wooden cabin.
The main reception hall displays art objects, symbols and antiques that represent the return of Jews to their ancient land. Local images relate to the Bible and its landscape, employing native materials.


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Yad Ben-Zvi

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