Upcoming conference, August 2011

20 March, 2011



Dear Members of the Society,

As you may well remember our next conference will convene at Cambridge University in the summer of 2011. Thanks to the generous efforts made by Dr. Ben Outhwaite, director of the Genizah Research Unit at the Cambridge University Library, the conference will be hosted by the Unit. It is scheduled for 15-18 August 2011. It is time that all those concerned with the organization of the conference may have your response to the following: 1) Whether you intend to participate? 2) Whether you intend to deliver a paper? 3) If the answer to #2 is affirmative, please send us the title of the paper, with an abstract.

 The suggested theme for the conference is:

Judaeo-Arabic Culture and the Arabic Speaking World: Linguistic, Textual and Social Crosspollination.


I should add that due to present circumstances in Cambridge and elsewhere in European universities we had to introduce some changes in the conditions to which we have become accustomed in previous conferences:

We, or rather our hosts, will NOT be able to offer free accommodation to ALL participants. Those members who have institutional resources which can cover their accommodation will be asked to use these resources. We therefore ask all the members who wish to participate to declare in their response to this call whether they have or do not have such resources. Those who do have will be asked to cover THEIR accommodation (and that of their spouses if relevant). Dr. Ben Outhwaite, will inform us shortly the cost of the accommodation that these participants will be requested to pay. As soon as we receive these details we will let you know.

Kosher meals (lunch and dinner) will be available. Our hosts will ask participants to let them know in advance which meals they wish to attend or miss. We assume that for breakfast participants can have whatever they see fit to take from the breakfast served by the accommodation facility.

It may be possible to offer some assistance in travel expenses to those who do not have institutional resources. However we are not able to make any definite promises at the moment. We are prepared to receive applications, and to respond as soon as we know what funds are available for this purpose.

In face of the current situation the Executive Committee has agreed to my proposal to raise the dues, to $80 for regular members and $40 for student members (for two years), effective towards the coming conference. This decision has been taken in order to enable us to shoulder with our hosts some of the expenses involved.


PLEASE LET US HAVE YOUR RESPONSES AT YOUR EARLIEST CONVENIENCE AND NOT LATER THAN 7 APRIL, to Dr. Ben Outhwaite (bmo10@cam.ac.uk), cc to: Ben-Zvi Institute, Sarit Noy (mbz@ybz.org.il) and/or Michael Glatzer (bzi@ybz.org.il), with a copy to me.

In order to enable us to approve your participation please send your dues with your response: for regular members $80, or the equivalent NIS300 to Ben Zvi Institute, Sarit Noy; for graduate students $40, or the equivalent of NIS150 to Ben Zvi Institute,  Sarit Noy.


I thank you in advance for your cooperation.

With all best wishes,


Haggai Ben-Shammai



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