Sources and Research

Sources and Research

For the past century, the Cairo Genizah has been a continuing source of previously unknown Judaeo-Arabic texts. The opening up of large collections of manuscripts in the former Soviet Union in 1990, especially in St. Petersburg, brought to light new materials and has inspired new interest in the field. And linguistic study has placed Judaeo-Arabic as a language on firm scientific ground, in large part due to the efforts of the Society’s long-time president, Prof. Yehoshua Blau, author of a grammar and a dictionary of Judaeo-Arabic, among many other publications. The bulk of the Judaeo-Arabic sources on which the Society’s members concentrate date to the tenth through thirteenth centuries, but some date from later periods as well. 

Judaeo-Arabic Bibliography 2006

Judaeo-Arabic Bibliography 2007 

Judaeo-Arabic Bibliography 2008

Judaeo-Arabic Bibliography 2009

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