About the Archives

Photographic Archives
In memory of Shoshana and Asher Halevy
Archive's subjects

• Photo collections of families in Jerusalem and throughout Eretz-Israel 
  Hundreds of collections: Jerusalemite families, "Yishuv"period - pioneers, rabbis and leaders
• History of Israel/Palestine
 Landscapes: natural, rural and urban. Sites, events, nationalist struggles, aerial photos, maps, and more
• History of the Jewish communities in the Orient
 Sephardic and Oriental Jewish communities in the past and the present
• The private and presidential photo collection of Izhak Ben-Zvi and his wife Rachel Yanait
  Family history; their public activities prior to and during Ben-Zvi’s tenure as president (1952–1963); photo collections of their relatives and close friends

Basic information

• The Photographic Archives was established in 2000
• More than 250,000 scanned photos are in access to the public in the archives, of which ca. 20,000 images have been fully catalogued and can be searched through our website: www.israelalbum.org.l
• The digital archives are comprised of:
1. A photo collection housed on the premises of the Archives (about 150,000 items)
2. Privately owned Collections. These are scanned, returned to their owners, who are actively involved in the cataloguing process
• The Archives has at its disposal advanced scanning and photo equipment, computers and backup means
Activites and publications
• The Archives locate photo collections in the possession of private persons in order to “rescue” these historical visual documents and make them available to the public. To further this objective, the Archives had adopted an “activist” policy through field work nationwide
The Archives holds special documentation events and has become a major documentation center for family photo collections, primarily of families in Jerusalem
• The Archives is involved, together with various Municipalities and organizations throughout Israel, in a documentation projects of privately owned family albums, namely: Israel Revealed to the Eye, (starting 2010).

Among the Archives’ unique collections are:

• Holy Land and the Middle East in the 19th Century
• Pioneers Collections
• Travelers and tourist guides
• Christians in the holy Land
• Jerusalemite families
• Presidential collections
• Building and construction
• The history of oriental Jewish communities
• Aerial photography in Palestine
• Centennial of Tel Aviv


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