The Teacher Training Center

This center operates under the auspices of the School and equips tour guides in Jerusalem and throughout Israel, in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism and the Taglit (Birthright) Institute.
Every year the Center holds two training courses for Jerusalem tour guides which are aimed at the general public, as well as two to three of the Ministry of Tourism’s Tour Guide Courses for the general public. The Center also conducts between two to three Taglit Tour Guide Courses together with the Taglit Institute. As a part of this course, Yad Izhak Ben-Zvi is charged with the training of the
Taglit Tour Guides in three formats:

1. Tour guides.
2. A three-week seminar for tour guides with no previous experience as Taglit tour guides.
3. A week-long seminar for Tour Guides with previous experience as Taglit tour guides.

There are also two to three specializations courses for tour guides on the topics of Christianity, Judaism and Islam, with the support of Ministry of Tourism.

Yad Ben-Zvi

14 Ibn Gabirol , POB 7660,

 Jerusalem 9107601, Israel


Tel. 972-2-5398888

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