The Bar Kokhba Revolt - The Archaeological Evidence

The Bar Kokhba Revolt broke out in 132 C.E., 62 years after the subjection of Judea and Jerusalem and the destruction of the temple by Titus, and continued for three and half years. The nature of the revolt, how it was suppressed cruelly by the Romans, and the death of Bar-Kokhba were described briefly in the writings of classical historians and in various wors by Church Fathers. Fragmentary descriptions and various legends about the revolt, its leader, and his supporters appear in jewish sources, in the Talmud and Midrash.

In addition to these testimonies, a variety of archaeological findings discovered in recent decades testify to preparations for the revolt, its course, Its suppression, and the destruction of the jewish settlement in Judea. These archaeological findings are the subject of this book, presented with multiple and attractive graphic material. Beyond the description of the findings themselves, the book includes discussions of the coins minted by the administration of the revolt, the letters, scrolls, and financial documents discovered from the time of the revolt. These serve to verify what is known about the revolt and its course, and about the founding of an independent state in Judea in those years.

Year of Publication: 2020

Number of Pages: 171

Treasures Of the Past: The David And Jemima Jeselsohn Library


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