Planning And Conserving Jerusalem

The Challenge Of An Ancient City
This book contains 10 chapters, each dedicated to a particular topic such as demography, law, infrastructure, tourism, transportation, archaeology, holy sites, and religious institutions, each of which is related to the core subject of the book-planning and conservation in Jerusalem. The reciprocal relationship between these topics and planning and conservation is complicated. One the one hand, each of the aforementioned topics is significantly affected by changes in planning concepts: professionals involved in the development of tourism, improvements in infrastructure, and uncovering ancient relics are aware of the city's historical and religious significance and therefore approach their work with cautious reverence. On the other hand, each planning concept was also influenced by changes in statutory regulations, the transportation network, and the city's ethnic composition over the last thirty years. These changes are also reflected in the pages of this book.

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Year of Publication: 2009

Number of Pages: 432

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