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Tradition And Innovation In The 19TH And 20TH Century Christian Art In The Holy Land

Christian visual art and culture of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries in the Holy Land have received little scholarly attention, if at all. This book studies, analyzes, and presents major artistic creations of diverse Christian communities during this period. Furthermore, it also offers an extensive corpus of visual images never photographed and published previously.

The book is devoted to aspects of the visual art of the Greek-Orthodox and Armenian churches of Jerusalem, and to the – mainly twentieth-century – artistic endeavors of the Latin Church. Iconographic investigations and analysis of meanings embodied in the Greek and Armenian paintings and the architecture and painting cycles of the Latin Visitation Church in Ain Karim and the Latin Church of the Annunciation in Nazareth attempt to decipher this art as an expression of the attitudes and intentions of the diverse Christian communities of the Holy Land.

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Year of Publication: 2009


Number of Pages: 168


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