Bakers and Baked Goods – Tour of Jerusalem’s bakeries

A nighttime tour rich in aromas and flavors: Visit the variety of bakeries hidden among the alleyways of Jerusalem. Hear the stories baked into the daily bread of the city: the chefs, the rising, and the baking of bread.


On Thursday evenings the residents of Jerusalem begin their Sabbath preparations, and the city’s bakeries are in full action. Ovens fill with breads and baked goods quickly bought up by Jerusalemites on Friday morning.


We’ll set forth on a tour in search of the scents, tastes, and stories of Jerusalem’s long-time bakeries, where baking traditions have been transmitted from father to son for generations upon generations.


The sites of the tour include Mahane Yehuda Market, the neighborhood of Mekor Baruch, and the neighborhood of Mahane Israel.


Modest attire is required. Women should wear skirts.

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