“Nahlaot for the Whole Family” – Navigating the neighborhoods of Nahlaot

Take a tour fit for the entire family, navigating the alleyways and courtyards of homes in the collection of neighborhoods known as Nahlaot.

The neighborhoods of Nahlaot – 32 neighborhoods in the heart of the city – can tell us tales of the people, families, and communities who immigrated to Jerusalem and made it their home.


Let us embark on an adventure tour, in search of the stories of communities and families, customs and traditions, and just a touch of nostalgia.


We will hear about Yemenites, Ashkenazim, Sephardim, Halabis and Kurds, all of whom together create a rich “Jerusalem Mix” of stories, folklore, and humor/


The sites of the tour include Even Israel, Mazkeret Moshe, Batei Goral, Ohel Moshe, and Beit Broida.

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