“The City with a Wall in its Heart” – Tour along the ‘city limits’

Take a tour along the borderline that divided Jerusalem between Israel and Jordan for 19 years. Learn about life on both sides of the border and about the urban network that emerged in the divided city.

The War of Independence left Jerusalem divided between the State of Israel and the Kingdom of Jordan, with a twisted, often unclear, borderline that contained troublesome tracts of No Man’s Land. Life along the border created a complex reality, posed many challenges, and was overshadowed by fear of attack from the other side.


We will tour along the city borderline and try to understand the complexities of life by the border.


We will learn about life in the divided city, special guidelines for opening fire, a deep secret of the army, a woman who lost her teeth cross the border, and the ending of this era.


The sites of the tour include Armon Hanatziv Overlook, the neighborhood of Abu Tor, the Cable Car Museum, Notre Dame de Jerusalem, and the neighborhood of Musrara.


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