“The Glory of Jerusalem” – Jerusalem during the time of the Second Temple

Take a tour to the days of glory and ruin in Jerusalem of the Second Temple period.

Our rabbis taught that whoever has not seen the rejoicing at the Place of the Water Drawing has never seen rejoicing in his life. Whoever has not seen Jerusalem in her splendor has never seen a desirable city in his life. Whoever has not seen the Temple in its full construction has never seen a glorious building in his life. 

-         Talmud Sukkah 51b


Jerusalem of the Second Temple period was a busy, multi-faceted city. At its center stood the great Temple, which drew tens of thousands of Jewish pilgrims on three annual occasions. Public houses, grand homes, and simple dwellings of the poor appeared across the city. During those dramatic days, Jerusalem was characterized by extreme wealth alongside harsh poverty, Jewish holy acts and heroism alongside corrupt rule and religious extremism.


A tour amidst the layers of ancient Jerusalem will revive the stories of the city’s past inhabitants before our eyes. We will see a city of many faces and full of meaning, whose dynamics always were and ever will be relevant for our times.


The tour will provide answers to important questions from those times: How did they know when the Sabbath would begin in ancient days? What does a Jewish pilgrim do upon arriving in the city? Why did the priests race each other to the altar? And of course: what caused the fall of Jerusalem?


The sites of the tour include the Holy Land model in the Israel Museum, Davidson Center Archeological Garden, the Herodian Quarter, the Burnt House, and the tunnels of the Western Wall.


Some of the sites on the tour require an entrance fee.


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