Thursday, July 5, 2012

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Morning Sessions: 9:00–12:30
9:00–10:30   Modern Era I: Tradition and Modernization in Nineteenth-Century Jerusalem
Chairperson: Israel Bartal
Haim Goren  Jerusalem and the European Powers’ Involvement in Palestine: New Perspectives (H)
Mustafa Abbasi  Tradition and Modernization in Arab Jerusalem in the 19th Century (H)
Yochai Ben-Ghedalia  From Corporation to Kollel: Changes in the Administrative Structure of the 19th-Century Yishuv  (H)
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10:30–11:00  Break
11:00–12:30   Modern Era II: From Corporative to National City
Chairperson: Aviva Halamish
Abigail Jacobson  Jerusalem as a Mixed City in Transition between Empires: Processes of Continuity and Change (H)
Yehoshua Ben-Arieh  The Building of New Jewish Jerusalem in the Period of the British Mandate: Significance and Implications (H)
Motti Golani  “Longings are Longings and Actions are Actions” – Israel’s Policy Regarding Jerusalem, 1949–1967 (H)
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Afternoon Sessions: 13:30–17:30
13:30–15:00   Landscape and Politics: Jerusalem, 1967–2012
Chairperson: Elhanan Reiner
Alona Nitzan-Shiftan  To Inscribe and Statutorize: The Peeling, Exposure, and Design of Ancient Landscape (H)
Larry Abramson  On the Ruins of Jerusalem: A Critical Tour of Begin Highway (H)
Ariel Hirschfeld  “Uprooting Trees”: Jerusalem and Its Connection to Roots (H)
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15:00–15:30  Break
15:30–17:30 Jerusalem’s People: Not the Past. The Present and Visions of the Future
Chairperson: Menachem Klein
Bezalel Cohen  On Reunited Jerusalem : Ultra-Orthodox, Secular, Religious, Jews, and Arabs (H)
Elias Khouri  Palestinian Society in East Jerusalem: A View from Within (H)
Meron Benvenisti  Jerusalem Secularism – Non-Identity as Identity (H)
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Evening Session 18:30–20:30
The Firebird" – Jerusalem as a Hub of Inspiration: An Encounter with Poets (H)
Moderator: Eliaz Cohen
Participants: Hamutal Bar-Yosef, Rivka Miriam, Almog Behar, and Eliaz Cohen

H = Hebrew E = English
All lectures will have simultaneous translation

Please contact us if you are planning to come, and inform us which sessions you wish to attend
Telephone: 02-5839822

The application form is presently available only in Hebrew
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