Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Morning Sessions: 9:00–12:30
9:00–10:30   Jerusalem in the Early Islamic Period
Chairperson: Amikam Elad
Daniella Talmon-Heller  From Muhammad until Salah al-Din: The History and Status of Jerusalem in the Early Islamic Period (H)
Miriam Frenkel “Its Walls and Protectors”: The Renewal of the Jewish Settlement in Jerusalemin the Early Islamic Period(H)
Robert Schick Christians and Muslims in Jerusalem during the Abbasid Period (E)
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10:30–11:00  Break
11:00–12:30   Jerusalem from the Ayyubid to Ottoman Periods
Chairperson: Miryam Rosen-Ayalon
Iris Shagrir  Catholic Ritual in Crusader Jerusalem: Continuity and Change (H)
Nimrod Luz  Myopia,Hyperopia,and a Iota of Local Patriotism:The Landscape of Jerusalem in Mujiral-Din’s Descriptions (H)
Amnon Cohen  Was the Jewish Community a Secluded  Minority? Some General Features of the Guild System in Ottoman Jerusalem (H)
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Afternoon Sessions: 13:30–17:30
13:30–15:00   Encircled by Hills: The Jerusalem Hills and Their Sanctity to the Three Monotheistic Religions
Chairperson:Ora Limor
Eyal Ben-Eliyahu  The Mount of Olives:The Mountain between Heaven and Earth, between Jews,Christians,and Muslims (H)
Elhanan Reiner  “The Dwelling Place of God’sTabernacle” – Mount Zion: A Tent on the Way to (Becoming) a Temple (H)
Yitzhak Reiter  TheTemple Mount/El-Aqsa:Sanctity,Ritual,and Politics (H)
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15:00–15:30  Break
15:30–17:30  Jerusalem: Symbol and Image
Bianca Kühnel  Jerusalem’s Journeys to Europe (H)
Katrin Kogman-Appel  Visualizing HolySites for Different Patrons:Cartography and Diagrams in the Work of Cresques Abraham (Mallorca,c.1375) (E)
Annabel Wharton  Protestants and Material Jerusalem (E)
Rachel Milstein The Multi-layered Image of Islamic Bayt al-Maqdis (H)
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Evening Sessions 18:30–21:45
Archaeology and Politics
18:30–20:00   The Archaeology of Jerusalem and the Political Developments inEretz Israel in the Early Modern Era (1799–1948)
Chairperson: Yehoshua Ben-Arieh
Haim Goren&Rehav Rubin  First Stages in the Unveiling of Jerusalem:
Some Comments on the History of the Archaeology of Jerusalem in the 19th Century (H)
Jon Seligman  Archaeology in Jerusalem during the British Mandate of Palestine (H)
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20:00–20:15  Break
20:15–21:45   Since the Establishment of the State (1948–2012)
Chairperson: B.Z. Kedar
Ronny Reich  On Archaeology and Politics in Jerusalem: From the Personal Experience of a Local Archaeologist (H)
Yoram Tsafrir  Archaeology, Politics, Property and Cultural Heritage – A Jerusalem Mix (H)
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H = Hebrew E = English
All lectures will have simultaneous translation

Please contact us if you are planning to come, and inform us which sessions you wish to attend
Telephone: 02-5839822

The application form is presently available only in Hebrew
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