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Morning Sessions: 9:00–12:30
9:00–10:30   Antiquity I: First and Second Temple Periods
Chairperson: Joshua Schwartz
Nadav Na’aman  Jerusalem in the First Temple Period: Biblical-Historical and Archaeological Dimensions  (H)
Sara Japhet  Jerusalem in the Restoration Period: Under the Wings of the Persian Empire  (H)
Lee Levine  Jerusalem at Its Zenith: “By Far the Most Famous City of the East” (Pliny) (H)
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10:30–11:00  Break

11:00–12:30   Antiquity II: The Roman-Byzantine Era
Chairperson: Yoram Tsafrir
Guy Stiebel  "Live by the Sword?": The Location and Status of the Army in Aelia Capitolina  (H)
Oren Gutfeld  “Hagia Polis Hierosolyma”: Jerusalem in the Byzantine Period  (H)
Konstantin Klein  Courting Controversy: Jerusalem in Theodosian Times (E)
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Afternoon Sessions: 13:30–17:30

13:30–15:00   Water and the City
Chairperson: Ronnie Ellenblum
Ronnie Ellenblum  Water from Afar: The Importance of the Jerusalem Aqueducts (E)
Haim Gvirtzman  The Water Supply to Modern Jerusalem  (H)
Vincent Lemire  The Thirst of Jerusalem : A Water-History of the Holy City, 1850–1948  (E)
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15:00–15:30  Break

15:30– 18:00 Culture in Jerusalem through the Ages
Chairperson: Isaiah M. Gafni
Mordechai Cogan  Torah and Cult in Jerusalem at the End of the 8th and Beginning of the 7th Centuries BCE: Innovation versus Tradition (H)
Zeev Weiss  Buildings for Mass Entertainment Herodian Jerusalem: Artifactual Remains, Fiction or Reality? (H)
Martin Goodman  Rome in Jerusalem  (E)
Lorenzo Perrone  Jerusalem: A City of Prayer in the Byzantine Era  (E)
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Evening Sessions: 18:30–21:45

 Recent Archaeological Discoveries in Jerusalem
18:30–20:00  Pre-Biblical and Biblical Periods
Chairperson: Ephraim Stern
Ronny Reich  New Information from the Excavations of Bronze and Iron Age Jerusalem (H)
Eilat Mazar  Jerusalem’s Fortifications under Kings David and Solomon (H)
Oded Lifschits  Jerusalem in the Days of the Babylonian Exile and the Restoration Period in Light of the Excavations of the Last Generation (H)
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20:00–20:15  Break

20:15–21:45 From Jerusalem to Aelia Capitolina: From Destruction to Renewal
Chairperson: Gideon Avni
Doron Ben-Ami & Yana Tchekhanovets – A Roman Mansion Found in the City of David (H)
Shlomit Weksler-Bdolach & Alexander Onn  – The Founding of Aelia Capitolina: New Evidence From the Eastern Cardo and the “Giant Viaduct” (H)
Respondents: Hillel Geva (H), Jodi Magness (H)
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H = Hebrew E = English
All lectures will have simultaneous translation

Please contact us if you are planning to come, and inform us which sessions you wish to attend
Telephone: 02-5839822

The application form is presently available only in Hebrew
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