Call for Papers

Call for Papers International Workshop
Salonica: a multi-cultural city in the Ottoman Empire
 and the Greek state between the World Wars

For more than two thousand years, Salonica was an important port city which served as a point of connection between three continents. During the Ottoman period, the city was a sphere of interaction between cultures, and a meeting point between Muslims, Jews, Greek-Orthodox Christians, other Christian communities, and tribal and rural population.

The workshop will focus on Salonica's unique cultural fabric and the resulting mutual influences which were felt in all areas of life in the city. The workshop also aims to delineate the multilayered and complex character of the city as an inter-cultural meeting point.

We welcome papers which address the various cultural aspects of Salonica during the Ottoman Empire up until and including the interbellum. Especially welcome will be papers which deal with cultural exchanges and processes of acculturation brought about by encounters between the various communities and religions, and examine change and transformation arising from the repercussions of modernity. Priority will be given to proposals which explore new avenues of research and make use of new sources and/or new methodologies.

Proposals (title and an abstract of no more than 300 words) and a short CV (1-2 pages) should be submitted here by October 31, 2016. The abstract should clarify the connection between the suggested topic and the intercultural aspects of the city's history during the period in question. Notifications will be sent by the middle of November 2016

Scholars participating in the workshop will be requested to send a draft of their papers to the other participants by April 1, 2017. These drafts should be read ahead of time by all participants. The workshop's sessions will consist

of  15-minute  presentations  in  which  speakers  will  present  their  main arguments; the presentations will be followed by a discussion.

The workshop will take place in May 22-23 in Jerusalem and Haifa, and the proceedings will be in English. The workshop's Academic Committee reserves the right to recommend select papers for publication in The Journal of Levantine Studies, contingent upon customary peer-review processes.

The workshop's organizers will provide accommodation and meals. The budget for airfares is extremely limited and participants are requested to seek alternative sources of funding. For any questions please write to


Topics may include the following:

• The  formation  of  Salonica  as  an  Ottoman  city  –  cultural,  social, economical and demographic ramifications.
• Salonica's languages – Greek, Ottoman Turkish, Ladino, Armenian, Italian, French and interlingual encounters.
• Material culture and visual art:  architecture, plastic arts, dress, tombstone engravings, manuscripts etc.
• Mystical traditions in Salonica: Sufi groups, Sabbateans, Kabbalistic and Christian beliefs.
• Conversion and interreligious crossings.
• Literature in and about Salonica: popular literature, poetry, journalism, travelogues and modern literary genres.
• The voices of Salonica: the city's various musical traditions.
• Educational institutions and textbooks.
• The image of multi-cultural coexistence.
• The rise of Greek nationalism in Salonica.
• The economy as a sphere of inter-communal encounters and competition.
• Significant historical events and their influence on cultural trends among the local  population, such as the arrival of the exiles from Spain, the Great Fire of 1917, the Greek-Turkish exchange of populations and the influx of refugees from Anatolia.
• The tanzimat and processes of modernization and change in Salonica at the turn of the 20th century.
• The shaping of Salonica-related myths.
• Intercultural trends in Salonica between the wars.

The Workshop's Academic Committee:
Prof. Yaron Ben-Naeh, Ms. Hadar Feldman Samet, Prof. Eyal Ginio, Dr. Jeannine Horowitz, Dr. Abigail Jacobson, Mr. Tamir Karkason, Dr. Tsameret Levy-Daphny, Dr. Edo Litmanovitch, Dr. Judith Loebenstein-Witztum,
Dr. Yoel Marciano


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