“Hanukkah-Christmas Holiday Spirit” – A tour in the holiday spirits of Christmas and Hanukkah

Let us stroll through the streets of Jerusalem when it is adorned for the holidays. Amidst the glow of Hanukkah candles and Christmas lights, we will explore Jewish and Christian traditions.


During the dead of winter, on the shortest day of the year, Jerusalem is adorned with holiday lights. While residents of the Jewish Quarter gather to light candles and recount the miracle of Hanukkah, the Christian Quarter fills with celebrants preparing to mark the birth of their messiah.


We will embark on a tour that combines Jewish and Christian traditions, exploring the similarities and differences between Jewish and Christian holidays.


We will hear about a Christian saint beloved by children, about British soldiers who gobbled Hanukkah sweets, about the origins of the word “hanukiya” (Hanukkah menorah), and more.


The sites of the tour include San Salvador Church, the Lutheran Church of the Redeemer, the Cardo, the Jewish Quarter, and the Western Wall.

הדפסשלח לחבר
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