“The Paths of Pilgrims” – Tour from Mount Olive to the Western Wall

On Passover, one of the three Jewish pilgrimage festivals, we will tour the slopes of Mount Olive, in the footsteps of Jewish pilgrims throughout time, who dreamt of and longed for Jerusalem.


During the days of the Temple, the streets of Jerusalem were filled every Passover holiday with thousands of Jewish pilgrims. After the destruction of the Temple, Jewish pilgrims, who had dreamt and yearned for Jerusalem, continued to flock to the city from all corners of the world.


We will traverse the slopes of Mount Olive, tracking these dreams and yearnings. We will hear about prophets, priests, rabbis, and common citizens, about ancient rituals and new customs along the borderline between city and desert.


The sites of the tour include Rehavam Overlook, the Tombs of the Prophets, Mount Olive Cemetery, Dominos Flevit, and Yad Avshalom.

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