“Man Resides Within Himself” – Slichot prayers in the city’s central synagogues

In the wee hours before the break of dawn, we will stroll through the city’s central streets and hidden alleyways, absorbing the spirit of Elul and the sounds of the Slichot prayers of atonement emanating from the hidden synagogues in the center of the city.


For generations Jerusalemites have been rising before dawn during Elul, the month of Slichot, to recite prayers of atonement in preparation for the new Jewish year. Over the years, Israel’s various congregations have each developed their own distinctive and unique style of prayer.


Let us set forth on a nighttime tour, just before the break of dawn, as we join the Jerusalemites praying for atonement and experience the special atmosphere of Elul’s last days.


The sites of the tour include Agrippas Street, the neighborhood of Mahane Yehuda, and Jaffa Street.

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