“City of Spirits” – Tracking the ghosts and spirits of Jerusalem

Take a tour through the Jerusalem of lost souls, ghosts and spirits, blessings and curses, along the thin line between the living and the dead, between imagination and reality.


There is more to Jerusalem than meets the eye. Spirits and ghosts, curses and blessings are hidden amidst the stones and alleys of the city and they tell its secret story.


Let’s trace the tracks of the lost souls along the invisible line between imagination and reality, exposing the stories of restless spirits still roaming around Jerusalem.


We’ll hear about a cursed flour mill, the heart of a Scottish king that found its way to Jerusalem, a king who embalmed his wife in honey, an ancient ritual in honor of a bloodthirsty god, and other tales from Jerusalem.


The sites of the tour include the International Cemetery, the Scottish Church, the Valley of Gehenna, Yemin Moshe, Herod’s Family Tomb, and Mamilla Cemetery.

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