“Al Quds” – Tour of the Temple Mount and Muslim Quarter

Let us tour through the Muslim holy sites of Jerusalem. We will try to understand the sanctification of Jerusalem in Islamic tradition and get a glimpse the lives of Muslims living here today.


In the early days of Islam, Mohamed directed his followers to pray in the direction of Jerusalem. Only after several years did he redirect prayers towards Mecca. According to tradition Mohamed ascended to Heaven from Jerusalem. We will hear about the five daily prayers of the Muslims and learn about the exalted standing of Jerusalem within Muslim religion and tradition, whose songs of praise and glory about Jerusalem are sung to this day.


We will tour around the Temple Mount and the Muslim Quarter. We’ll learn about the importance of the city in the eyes of Muslims and how Muslim rulers, prominent architects, and simple men and women all found their homes among the alleys of Jerusalem.


The sites of the tour include the Temple Mount, the Street of the Chain, and Hagai Street.

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