In the Paths of Crusaders – Jerusalem during the Crusader period

What happened at the Temple of Solomon? If I tell you the truth, you would not believe me. Suffice it to say that men were riding horses through the temple, and blood reached to knee level and even to horses’ reins. Indeed, it was a wondrous display of God’s judgment that this place filled with the blood of heretics who defiled His holiness. The city was filled with bodies and blood. Some enemy soldiers took refuge in the Tower of David. They requested Count Raymond’s protection and offered him the citadel.

-          Raymond d'Aguilier


A tour amidst the halls of knights and grand churches will take us into Jerusalem of the Crusader period.


During the 11th century, Jerusalem surrendered to the Christian cross after a long and bloody struggle. A new day dawned in the city, as it was inhabited by European orders of Christian knights full of religious zeal. Mosques were turned into churches, and new European-style markets and churches were built throughout the city. Waves of Christians made pilgrimage to this vibrant city during this period, and its abundant markets served Jerusalem’s residents and pilgrims.


We will tour the buildings and markets of Crusader Jerusalem, and we’ll learn about the orders of knights who ruled the city, Jerusalem’s religious significance to Christianity, and daily life in this historic city.


We will learn answers to questions: Who was the tempestuous princess who resurrected the Church of the Resurrection? Who nursed ill and weak pilgrims? And… what is sold in the Market of Bad Cooking (Malquisinat)?


The sites of the tour include Tancred’s Tower, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the Cardo, and Mount Zion.

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