“Street of Prophetesses” – Following in the footsteps of women on Prophets’ Street

There are women, and then there are … Jerusalem women! Let’s tour Prophets’ Street in the footsteps of great Jerusalem women who worked, loved, and created.


During the course of the 19th century, the city began to spread beyond the walls. All along Prophets’ Street, hospitals and clinics were founded, alongside noblemen’s houses and foreign consulates, all of which combined to create the street’s international and cosmopolitan character. Beyond the walls of the city, people lived their lives. Among them were more than a few women – women creators, physicians, and public figures.


We will follow the footsteps of the women of Jerusalem and learn about their loves, disappointments, creations, contributions, and activities amidst the courtyards and homes on Prophets’ Street.


A Russian princess, an Ethiopian queen, a leader of laborers, a poet, a painter, and a physician – all tell the women’s tale of the city.


The sites of the tour include Sergei’s Courtyard, the Ethiopian Church, Ticho House, the home of Rachel the poet, and the home of Helena Kagan.

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