“City of the Day Before Yesterday” – In the tracks of S.Y. Agnon

Meet the Jerusalem of S.Y. Agnon through his stories and his special style of describing the city and its charms.


At the age of 16, S.Y. (“Shai”) Agnon had his first Hebrew publication: “The moment I saw my name and poem in a Hebrew newspaper in the Holy Tongue, I knew my place and my language,” as he testified years later. From that first moment his unique style and language began to take shape, making him one of the great writers of Jewish literature. Jerusalem was always in his heart, and being a family man, he also made it his home.


We will wander the streets of the city as it is portrayed in the unique Agnon style. We will read from his writings while watching the landscapes he described, and we will get a glimpse of the charm of the city and the man.


The sites and routes offered include: tracking Balak the dog in the city center, following the enemy who became a lover in Talpiot, and tracing Tehila through the alleyways of the Old City or Shira through the neighborhood of Rehavia.


An additional entrance fee is required for the home of S.Y. Agnon in Talpiot.

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