“If I Forget Thee, Oh Jerusalem” – Tracing the tracks of Jerusalem’s poets and poetry

Tour the city that makes poets of (almost) all of Israel, tracking writers and works about Jerusalem, wandering through the alleyways of the Old City, and trying to see them through the eyes of the poets who wrote about the city.


Jerusalem the united city has for generations been attracting intellectuals, writers, and poets. Each sees Jerusalem, with its walls and towers, residents and sacredness, in a different light. They combine together to create the human side of Jerusalem, rich in years and rife with yearnings.


We will wander through the alleyways of the Jewish Quarter, amidst the walls of the Old City. We will gaze at the city’s panoramas through the attentive eyes of those who immortalized it. We will breathe in the unique, enchanted air of Jerusalem, and above all, we will read and recite songs of Jerusalem.


The sites of the tour include Mount Zion, Zion Gate, rooftop views, the Broad Wall of the Old City, and the Western Wall.

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