“On the Fence” – Touring the neighborhood of Musrara

Come and hear stories of social justice in the colorful neighborhood of Musrara with its history of stormy struggles.


The spacious and comfortable houses of Musrara were built by Arab effendis in the mid-19th century, but when the city was divided, it became an impoverished, borderline neighborhood. Its residents, new immigrants from North Africa, lived under a constant, daily threat of attack and a real fear for their lives along the border. These circumstances led to the creation of a dynamic social protest movement, the “Black Panthers,” which sought social justice for the oppressed and disempowered residents of young Israel.


As we stroll among the neighborhood’s houses, we will see grand homes alongside simple housing units. We will hear about the transformation from an impoverished neighborhood to a residential area with a vibrant community life, full of art and spirituality, with a captivating combination of old and new.


The sites of the tour include the Musrara Community Center, the House of Windows, “They’re Not Nice” Alley, the Musrara Photography School, and more.


The tour may be combined with a meeting with a neighborhood resident.

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