“Legends and love stories on Prophets’ Street

Stroll along a single street that embodies scores of stories. Join us to discover the exciting tales hidden behind the fascinating facades on Prophets’ Street.


Anyone who strolls along Prophets’ Street immediately senses its special ambience: grand homes alongside green gardens, hospitals and consulates that lend the street an international air. As we stroll along the street, we will hear the stories of its residents: a Russian princess who tied her fate to Jerusalem, the doctor’s daughter who made the city’s best men lovesick, a dreamy youth who fell in love with a daughter of the aristocracy, a forger of antiquities, a physician of many skills, a woman granted a special gift of artistry, and a woman given to Hebrew poetry, among the many others who represent the cosmopolitan, colorful, and creative Jerusalem that was built beyond the walls of the Old City.


The sites of the tour include Sergei’s Courtyard, the Ethiopian Church, the Rothchild Hospital (Hadassah College), the home of Eliezer Ben Yehudah, Beit Ticho, and more.

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